Bone Grafting Process in Phoenix, AZ

Many patients think they are ineligible to receive dental implants or undergo other restorative dentistry treatments because of bone loss, but Dr. John W. Dovgan can perform preparatory procedures that restore your candidacy. Even if you have jawbone deterioration or changes in your facial structure, Dr. Dovgan can perform bone grafting to help provide sufficient jawbone tissue to support dental implants. Our office in Phoenix, AZ, uses advanced imaging to determine the quantity and quality of your bone tissue prior to surgery. We also offer various forms of sedation to help you feel comfortable during your procedure.

Our combination of advanced imaging and sedation techniques ensures that you have minimal pain during your bone grafting surgery.

Although insufficient jawbone tissue can be due to genetics or oral trauma, one of the most common reasons for needing a bone graft is tooth loss. When you lose a tooth, your jawbone lacks the stimulation that occurs when you chew or speak. Without stimulation, your jawbone can begin to resorb and deteriorate and cause changes in your facial structure. Similarly, an extraction performed without socket preservation techniques can also lead to bone loss. If you require a tooth extraction, the American Association of Dental Consultants recommends undergoing immediate bone grafting to prevent aggressive bone loss in the future.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Dovgan will review your medical history and ensure that you are a good candidate for oral surgery. In order to undergo oral surgery, you should be in good overall health and committed to a healthy lifestyle. Poor habits such as smoking can slow down the healing process, resulting in longer treatment and an increased risk of implant failure. If you have anxiety about your procedure or dental phobia, Dr. Dovgan can also discuss your sedation options with you. When planning your surgery, we will use images from your 3-D imaging to visualize your biostructures and create a detailed surgical plan.

After placing you under a comfortable level of sedation, Dr. Dovgan will make an incision in your gums at the implant site. Depending on your needs, he will use either harvested bone tissue, donor bone tissue, or biocompatible bone grafting material to fill the socket where bone loss has occurred. Once the bone is in place, he will close the incision and you can begin your recovery.

We are able to provide you with comprehensive treatment from the planning of your preparatory procedures to the placement of your implants. Once your jawbone has recovered, Dr. Dovgan can also restore your implants in his office. Our combination of advanced imaging and sedation techniques ensures that you have minimal pain during the procedure. As an educator in his field, Dr. Dovgan can provide detailed pre-op and post-op instructions to promote a healthy recovery and successful implant surgery.

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Although not all patients will require a bone graft, those who do can receive this innovative preparatory procedure at our office. Bone grafts can help previously ineligible patients receive the advanced treatment they need.