Effective Full Mouth Reconstruction in Phoenix, AZ

To obtain optimal oral health, all elements of your smile must be in good condition and proper working order. If you have widespread decay or other forms of dental damage, you may benefit from a full mouth reconstruction, which combines two or more restorative procedures into one comprehensive treatment. At our Phoenix, AZ practice, Dr. John Dovgan can design a fully personalized plan to address your unique dental needs.

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If you are experiencing several dental problems, it can take a toll on your oral health and your self-esteem. Full mouth restoration can deliver functional, natural-looking results that will enhance your smile for many years to come. It also allows you to plan treatment at your own pace, completing procedures in one or two visits or spreading out appointments over weeks or months to fit your schedule and budget. In addition, with full mouth reconstructions, Dr. Dovgan can treat your oral health issues in the most conservative and effective way possible.

Virtually anyone with multiple dental issues who wishes to improve the health of their smile is eligible for full mouth reconstruction. For example, this treatment will be beneficial for individuals who:

  • Have damaged or decayed teeth
  • Are missing teeth
  • Have periodontal disease
  • Show signs of tooth erosion
  • Experience chronic tooth, jaw, neck, or back pain
  • Have loose teeth
  • Have persistent bad breath

By combining multiple procedures, Dr. Dovgan can fully address your oral health needs.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Diagram

When undergoing full mouth reconstruction, your treatment plan will depend on the specific issues you face. Because every patient is unique, each treatment process will vary. Some of the most commonly combined procedures in full mouth reconstruction include:

  • Composite fillings: Dr. Dovgan can repair mild to moderate cavities with dental fillings. We offer tooth-colored fillings for a natural, seamless appearance.
  • Dental crowns: These custom-made restorations are used to repair large cavities and reinforce weakened teeth. Dental crowns fit over the entire tooth and are crafted to match the shade of your adjacent teeth.
  • Inlays or onlays: In some cases, you may have a cavity which is too large for a traditional dental filling, but too small to warrant a dental crown. In these instances, an indirect filling – known as an inlay or onlay – can repair the tooth. These restorations fit into the tooth structure, much like a puzzle piece.
  • Root canal therapy: Sometimes bacteria affects the innermost layer of a tooth, called the pulp. When this occurs, root canal therapy can eliminate the source of infection and save the tooth.

If missing, decayed, or damaged teeth are compromising your quality of life, a personalized restorative treatment plan can dramatically improve your oral health

  • Periodontal care: Gum disease can take a toll on your oral health, leading to bone loss, bad breath, and tooth loss. Periodontal care helps restore and maintain the health of your gums.
  • Tooth extractions: Whenever possible, we try to save your natural tooth. However, in some cases, damage is too extensive for restorative treatment. Occasionally, Dr. Dovgan may need to remove one or more teeth in order to improve your overall oral health.
  • Dental implants: Widely considered the most reliable teeth replacement option available, dental implants can support crowns, bridges, and dentures.
  • Dental bridges: A traditional dental bridge can fill a gap left by one to three consecutively missing teeth.

At our practice, we understand that financing dental treatment can be a significant source of stress. That is why we strive to offer financing options that can work for everyone. Dr. Dovgan accepts a number of dental insurance plans. In addition, we offer in-house payment plans through CareCredit® and Lending Club. Our team of financial experts is available to discuss your options with you.

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If missing, decayed, or damaged teeth are compromising your quality of life, a personalized restorative treatment plan can dramatically improve your oral health. To explore your options, schedule a consultation with Dr. Dovgan.