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Illustration of implant supported crown
An implant-supported restoration, such as a dental crown, is an effective and long-lasting prosthetic that provides unrivaled durability and stability.

Offering complete restorative dentistry services to patients in Phoenix, AZ, Dr. John Dovgan can help you replace missing teeth and regain your healthy smile. Our practice offers all types of prosthetic dental options, and we can place and restore dental implants to provide optimal, permanent solutions.

Dr. Dovgan’s goal is to provide restorative treatments to meet the needs of each and every patient. To accomplish this, we offer flexible payment options and work with third-party lenders such as CareCredit and Lending Club to help you offset the cost of your treatment. At your initial consultation, Dr. Dovgan can offer individually-tailored recommendations with a clear explanation of your treatment options to help you make the best decision for your needs and goals.

Tooth loss is a common problem in middle-age and senior years and create gaps in your smile that can make full dental function difficult. By replacing these missing teeth with a natural-looking prosthetic, you can restore your ability to eat well, speak clearly, and smile confidently.

Dr. Dovgan offers options to replace a single tooth, a few teeth, or an entire dental arch. Each patient’s needs are unique, and Dr. Dovgan can provide personalized treatment plans for all.

We pride ourselves on offering the latest technologies—such as the ORTHOPHOS SL 3D cone beam scanner—for the benefit of patients. We use a CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) system on-site. This computerized design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology allows us to provide same-day restorations for many patients. Often, Dr. Dovgan can provide beautiful, customized crowns and bridges in a single appointment.

Our practice offers full service general dental care for issues that may need to be addressed before you begin restorative treatment including extractions, fillings, and periodontal treatment. For patients who need to replace lost teeth, our restorative dentistry options include:

Many patients think they are ineligible to receive dental implants or undergo other restorative dentistry treatments because of bone loss, but Dr. John W. Dovgan can perform preparatory procedures that restore your candidacy. Even if you have jawbone deterioration or changes in your facial structure, Dr. Dovgan can perform bone grafting to help provide sufficient jawbone tissue to support dental implants.

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A dental bridge can be used to fill in large gaps in the teeth. A full bridge or a denture can replace an entire row of teeth. A traditional bridge attaches to dental crowns on teeth that are adjacent to the gap. Dr. Dovgan often recommends a custom implant-supported bridge for optimal function and appearance.

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A porcelain crown can be placed to protect and restore a damaged tooth and can also serve as an anchor for a traditional dental bridge. We offer both traditional and implant-supported crowns to meet your specific needs.

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Keeping your teeth for a lifetime is a worthwhile goal—one that can be accomplished with the help of regular dental care. Because periodontitis is a common cause of tooth loss, it is important to diagnose and treat gum disease in the early stages. Dr. John Dovgan in Phoenix, AZ, offers periodontal treatment and preventive care to help patients maintain optimal oral health. If Dr. Dovgan detects the symptoms of gum disease during a routine exam, he can take the necessary steps to treat and eradicate the disease before it can progress and cause further damage.

In addition to providing custom made, high quality restorations, our patients can enjoy same-day crowns and bridges with CEREC. Using state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Dovgan can produce a crown chair side in one, convenient appointment.

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Implants are small titanium posts that are surgically placed in the jaw to support your prosthetic teeth. Dr. Dovgan places implants using several techniques and provides both temporary and permanent implant restorations. He can also perform any necessary preparatory procedures, such as a bone graft or a sinus lift.

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Dentures have long been a reliable restorative dentistry option, replacing multiple missing teeth or an entire dental arch in one comprehensive treatment. Dr. John W. Dovgan offers comfortably fitting, custom dentures, which can enable you to eat your favorite foods and speak with renewed function. For ultimate stability, he also provides implant-supported dentures.

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Patients with extensive restorative dentistry needs due to severe decay or dental trauma may benefit from full mouth reconstruction. Procedures can include bone grafting and other techniques to restore lost bone and tissue. Our practice offers sedation dentistry options to provide you with a comfortable experience for any and all restorative treatments.

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